Free Webinar: Future-Proof Your Tech Career With visionOS

Join our free webinar on April 29th, 2024 to explore how visionOS can elevate your tech career. Learn why visionOS is so cool and ask questions about our upcoming bootcamp. By Sandra Grauschopf.

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Free Webinar: Future-Proof Your Tech Career With visionOS

2 mins

Join our free webinar, Future-Proof Your Tech Career With visionOS, to learn all about visionOS and our brand-new visionOS bootcamp! Hosted by David Okun for Kodeco, this webinar will explore the rich capabilities and cutting-edge features of visionOS — and how they can make a difference for your dev career.

Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a tech enthusiast curious about the latest in software development, you’ll get valuable insights into how visionOS is shaping the future of technology.

visionOS is transforming the landscape of software development, setting new standards for top developers. By learning visionOS, you demonstrate to prospective employers and clients your commitment to staying at the forefront of technology. This expertise not only positions you as a leading developer but also empowers you to design standout immersive applications.

Join David Okun as he guides you through the capabilities of visionOS and addresses any questions you have about our upcoming vOS bootcamp. Don’t miss this chance to boost your skills and distinguish your work in the tech world.

Webinar Details

Tip: Can’t attend live? Register anyway; we’ll send a recording out after the event.

What to Expect

  • Introduction to visionOS: Learn what visionOS is, the problems it solves, and why it’s a game-changer in the tech industry.
  • Real-World Impact: Discover real-life applications and success stories showcasing the power and versatility of visionOS.
  • visionOS Bootcamp Highlights: Get an exclusive look at our upcoming visionOS bootcamp. Understand the curriculum, learning outcomes, and the unique opportunities it offers to boost your career.
  • Interactive Q&A: Have your questions answered directly by our lead mentor, David Okun.
  • Special Offer: Attendees will receive a special discount on our visionOS bootcamp enrollments!

Who Should Attend

  • Aspiring and professional developers interested in expanding their skills in a groundbreaking platform.
  • Tech industry professionals seeking to futureproof their careers with the latest software development trends.
  • Educators and students looking for comprehensive learning opportunities in high-demand tech skills.
  • Anyone who is wondering whether our visionOS bootcamp is right for them.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!