Beginning Networking with URLSession

Sep 13 2022 · Swift 5.6, iOS 15, Xcode 13.4.1

Part 2: Download Data

09. Introduction

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Notes: 09. Introduction

URLSession - Apple Developer

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Hello and welcome back to beginning networking with URLSession. Now that you've learned a bit more about URLSession and have actually made some requests to download data from the internet, my imagination is really going wild with all sorts of ideas of how to make my apps more interactive, and how to leverage everything that's now available to them. I can't wait to learn more advanced topics. What about you? In part one of the course, you learned about Swift Concurrency, and you got your first look at how to use URLSession along with URLSession configuration. However, you're only getting started with URLSession. In this part of the course, you'll dive deeper into data transfers. You'll also learn that tasks oftentimes require different priorities, as well as defining what will be cached. Moving on, you'll learn how to better handle errors in your requests. And something very cool and important for user feedback, which is showing the progress of a download or task. Next up, you'll see how to group multiple requests together and how to simulate different network speeds and conditions. Finally, you'll see how to pause, resume, or even cancel your downloads or tasks. Okay. Let's get this ball rolling. See you in the next episode.