Core Data: Beyond the Basics

Jul 26 2022 · Swift 5.5, iOS 15, Xcode 13.3.1

Part 1: Fetching & Displaying Launches

02. Displaying Launches

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Now that you know how to save a Launch, the next step is to get those launches out of the persistent store and display them in a list so that you can see when they take place.

static func basicFetchRequest() {}
import SwiftUI
FetchRequest(entity: , sortDescriptors:) 
FetchRequest(entity: RocketLaunch.entity(), sortDescriptors:[])
let launchesFetchRequest = RocketLaunch.basicFetchRequest()
var launches: FetchedResults<RocketLaunch> {
@FetchRequest(entity: RocketLaunch.entity, sortDescriptors: []) var launches: FetchedResults<RocketLaunch>
HStack { 
  LaunchStatusView(isViewed: launch.isViewed)
  Text("\( ?? "")")
let context = PersistenceController.preview.container.viewContext
let newLaunch = RocketLaunch(context: context) = "A really cool launch!"
return LaunchesView()
ForEach(launches, id: \.self) { launch in 
Name: A night time launch!
Launchpad: Out on the coastline
Date: 5/1/22