Kotlin Coroutines: Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals about threads and coroutines, along with the basics of the Kotlin Coroutines framework. By Karol Wrótniak.

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Who is this for?

Beginner Android developers who want to learn about threading, what coroutines are, and how to launch a coroutine in Android.

Covered concepts

  • Blocking & Non-Blocking calls
  • Synchronous vs. Asynchronous code
  • Threads
  • Main or UI Thread
  • Posting data to the UI
  • Kotlin Coroutines
  • Coroutine Builders
  • Dispatchers
  • Jobs
  • Suspending functions
  • Coroutine contexts
  • Coroutine scopes
  • Nested coroutines

Part 1: Getting started with Coroutines

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Learn about blocking calls, background processing, creating threads and why using coroutines is increasingly popular!

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Discover the purposes of coroutines, and how they can help you write asynchronous code in a simple way.

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Learn about suspending functions, differences between suspending and blocking functions, and how delay() works.

Implement a simple coroutine calling a suspending function, and learn how to use the suspend modifier in practice.

Part 2: Deep Dive into Coroutines

Understand the coroutine contexts and dispatchers, and how to choose the right ones for your needs.

Use Coroutine Builders: launch, async, runBlocking.

Learn about coroutine scopes and the structured concurrency in Kotlin Coroutines.

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Understand the coroutine jobs, their hierarchy and learn how to cancel a coroutine and its children.

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Learn about async/await, how to use them to execute multiple coroutines in parallel.

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Learn about coroutine exception handlers, and how to debug the coroutines.

Use all the knowledge you’ve gained to implement an API call using coroutines with exception handling in a composable.