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Kotlin Multiplatform by Tutorials

Second Edition · Android 14, iOS 17, Desktop · Kotlin 1.9.10 · Android Studio Hedgehog

“To my wife and family for letting me create and learn new things.”

Kevin Moore

“To Beatriz, José, and Petá for being my guiding light. To Carlos and Maria for always giving everything and more for my happiness and future. My most sincere and forever thank you.

To Daniela, for all the love, companionship and support. For always finding the brightness of every scenario.

To all my friends who are always a phone call away. A special mention to Ricardo for all those architecture discussions, to Andreia and Curto for the lovely dinners, and to Fred and Jorge, the iOS developers who embraced Kotlin.

To you, amazing reader, welcome aboard!”

Carlos Mota

“To my wife Leila and my dad, who will never read this book! Their unconditional love, patience and support made me couragous enough to write a book.”

Saeed Taheri

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