SwiftUI Fundamentals

Feb 28 2023 · Swift 5.7, macOS Venture 13.1, Xcode 14.2

Part 2: Navigation & Data Flow

12. NavigationStack

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iOS 16 introduced a new way to navigate with NavigationStack. You may be thinking “wait, NavigationView is essentially a stack, so what’s the difference?”. That’s a great question.

NavigationStack {
  List(artworks) { artwork in ...}
List(artworks, id: \.self) { artwork in
List(artworks) { artwork in
  NavigationLink(value: artwork) {
.navigationDestination(for: Artwork.self) { artwork in
  DetailView(artwork: artwork)

Split View

In the last episode, using NavigationView on the iPad, you had to add a DetailView to the NavigationView so something would show on the screen at launch. Is this still needed?