SwiftUI Fundamentals

Feb 28 2023 · Swift 5.7, macOS Venture 13.1, Xcode 14.2

Part 1: SwiftUI Views

04. Challenge: Views & Modifiers

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I think the best way to practice using SwiftUI modifiers to try things. So, I’ve got a challenge to help you do that.

Challenge 1

Ok! Challenge 1.

.border(Color.green, width: 5)
.shadow(radius: 15)
.shadow(radius: 15)
.border(Color.green, width: 5)

Challenge 2

This one has a bit more going on.

Text("H: 61° L: 44°")
.frame(width: 50, height: 50)
    startPoint: .topLeading, endPoint: .bottomTrailing