SwiftUI Fundamentals

Feb 28 2023 · Swift 5.7, macOS Venture 13.1, Xcode 14.2

Part 2: Navigation & Data Flow

16. Observable Objects

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Let’s talk a bit more about ObservableObject.

struct UserInfo {
  let userName: String
  let favoriteGenre: String
import Combine

class UserStore: ObservableObject {
  var currentUserInfo = UserInfo(userName: "Movie Lover", favoriteGenre: .action)
@Published var currentUserInfo: UserInfo?
@ObservedObject var userStore = UserStore()
HStack {
  Image(systemName: "person.fill")
  NavigationLink(destination: UserView(userStore: userStore))
@ObservedObject var userStore: UserStore
.onAppear {
  userName = userStore.currentUserInfo.userName
  favoriteGenre = userStore.currentUserInfo.favoriteGenre 
static var previews: some View {
  UserView(userStore: UserStore())