SwiftUI Fundamentals

Feb 28 2023 · Swift 5.7, macOS Venture 13.1, Xcode 14.2

Part 2: Navigation & Data Flow

17. Challenge: StateObject & ObservableObject

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OK, you’re nearing the end of the course, but I’ve got one more challenge for you. It’s focused primarily on adding some look and feel options to the FaveFlicks app with an @ObservableObject, but it also requires you to add some new @State properties, a new modal view, and to build a little user interface - things you should know well after viewing the course so far!

class LookAndFeelStore: ObservableObject {
  @Published var currentLookAndFeelInfo = LookAndFeelInfo(accentColor: Color.blue, symbolName: "star")
struct LookAndFeelInfo {
  let accentColor: Color
  let symbolName: String
@ObservedObject var lookAndFeelStore: LookAndFeelStore
@State private var accentColor = Color.red
@State private var symbolName = ""
.onAppear {
  accentColor = lookAndFeelStore.currentLookAndFeelInfo.accentColor
  symbolName = lookAndFeelStore.currentLookAndFeelInfo.symbolName
func updateLookAndFeelInfo() {
  let newLookAndFeelInfo = LookAndFeelInfo(accentColor: accentColor, symbolName: symbolName)
  lookAndFeelStore.currentLookAndFeelInfo = newLookAndFeelInfo
@ObservedObject var lookAndFeelStore: LookAndFeelStore
RatingView(lookAndFeelStore: LookAndFeelStore(), rating: 4.5)
RatingView(lookAndFeelStore: lookAndFeelStore, rating: rating)
@ObservedObject var lookAndFeelStore: LookAndFeelStore
RatingView(lookAndFeelStore: lookAndFeelStore, rating: rating)
@ObservedObject var lookAndFeelStore: LookAndFeelStore
@ObservedObject var lookAndFeelStore = LookAndFeelStore()
  var body: some View {
    NavigationView {
      List {
        ForEach(movieStore.movies, id: \.title) {
          MovieRow(movie: $0, 🟢lookAndFeelStore: lookAndFeelStore)
      .sheet(isPresented: $isPresented) {
        AddMovie(movieStore: movieStore, showModal: $isPresented, lookAndFeelStore: lookAndFeelStore)
      🟢.sheet(isPresented: $isLookAndFeelPresented) {
        LookAndFeelView(lookAndFeelStore: lookAndFeelStore)
      .navigationBarTitle(Text("Fave Flicks"))
          NavigationLink(destination: UserView(userStore: userStore)) {
            HStack {
              Image(systemName: "person.fill")
          🟢HStack {
            🟢Button(action: { isLookAndFeelPresented.toggle() }) {
              Image(systemName: "gear")
            Button(action: { isPresented.toggle() }) {
              Image(systemName: "plus")